Twin Peaks

If you are a fan of the revitalized TV series Twin Peaks, you may not be out of luck.

I have had to see some of my favorite TV shows get cancelled over the last couple years, it a grueling grieving process to go through when you can not know the end of a story that you get sucked up in to…

Twin Peaks fans may be in luck at yet another season returning.  David Lynch and other cast members have been secretly filming behind every closed door possible and looks like they have something big in store for us.  At least that’s what my neighbor informed me of.  He is what you might call an obsessive TV fan.  By day he runs a compnany that installs memphis stair lifts for the disabled, but by night he turns in to a television hyena.

He loved the first season of the remake, even more than I did and was watching the rumor mills closely to see what lies ahead, similar to the Game of Thrones watchers on the wall fan page. Only creepier.  I am very excited to see what Showtime has in store for us this year!

twin peaks

Cool trees

Twins are fascinating on all levels, from people to animals all the way to trees


Some things are meant to be solitary creatures, some things are created to have partners.  This tree was created to not be alone.

In the same way I believe people were created not to be alone, that’s why God created marriage.  We were not meant to face the trials of this world on our own.  We need people, we need companionship, and we need love.  Just like this tree. And a strong bond is what can make a marriage last a lifetime.  The stronger the bond the harder it will be break.  Just take this tree for instance: tree removal would be a difficult task  on this one, because you have the strength of two trees in the body of one.  Such is marriage, God says we are to become one flesh.  Two people functioning as ONE.  Oneness should be our goal in marriage,  the more “oneness” we can attain in our relationship the stronger we become as a couple.

May we strive for oneness in our marriages, for the mingling of souls that God describes as what our relationship should feel like.

Ephesians 5:25

Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church and gave himself up for her….

The Bella twins

Perhaps one of the most popular and well known sets of twins since Mary Kate and Ashley, the Bella Twins have dominated much of the television screen in female wrestling for quite some time.

bella 1

The Bella Twins debuted in late 2008 to the main stage of wrestling’s biggest company.  WWE’s Smackdown introduced Brie Bella as a singles competitor first.  Leaving her twin sister Nicole a secret to the audience.   Brie would enter in to the industry with a head of steam winning a lot of initial matches.  You see the twins had a secret no one else knew about.   While Brie was competing in a match Nicole would be under the ring, and at some point when the match wasn’t going Brie’s way, she would simply roll out of the ring, allowing Nikki to come out and roll in and pull the ol switcheroo.   So the fresh Nikki would come in and win the match.  This charade went on for quite some time before the twin factor was actually revealed, after which they went on to fight as a tag team.

bella 2bella 3


Eventually Nikki went and got herself a bigger pair of ta-tas.  Thus ending the advantage of the twin magic as they now could be clearly told apart from each other as you can see by the bikini pic above.  They are both in serious relationships now with two of the top performers in the wrestling business.  Nikki is dating John Cena and Brie married the recently retired Daniel Bryan.  Brie is expected to retire after Wrestlemania this April as she has expressed the desire to start a family with Daniel Bryan and since he is no longer traveling with the team it only makes sense for her to bow out of wrestling.  As for Nikki I am not sure how much longer she will hold on.  As much as I have respect for the Bella Twins and their entrepreneurial ability to market and brand themselves into something huge, the truth is that they are only o.k. wrestlers, and not much better on the mic.  They served a purpose when there was almost no women’s division left in wrestling.  But right now there are a number of up and coming super talented female wrestlers that are moving up to the main roster.  So the place that the Bella Twins held seems to be quickly vanishing.  It will be interesting to see what the future holds for these two and what they are able to do with their careers when wrestling is no longer a part of it.

The Twins

Maybe one of the least used settings in the tremendous Game of Thrones series, but certainly one of the most impactful, the Twins sits alone in the Riverlands of Westeros controlling a vital bridge that runs between Winterfell and Riverrun.

got 1got


An Erie setting the Twins, and thus any who want to pass through the Twins, are governed by Lord Walder Frey.  The creepy old man with a fetish for young girls and a plethora of unattractive daughters.  In the story the Starks are attempting a rebellion against the crown which consists of both the Baratheons and the Lannisters.  The Starks are seeking vengeance over the King having their Father and Lord of Winterfell executed for treason.  The Starks then need to cross through the twins causing them to ask a favor of Walder Frey.  The Favor is granted for safe passage but in return the new “King of the North” Rob Stark of Winterfell is to be promised in marriage to one of Frey’s daughters after the war.

As any drama would not be good without a certain amount of conflict, later in the war the Starks must go back to the Frey family for yet another matter of assistance.

There’s only one problem.  By this time in the story Rob Stark has fallen for a commoner he met along the way.  And the dumb boy went on and married her.  So now they must return to reveal that Rob went back on his word to the very person he needs help from, and had betrayed him and dishonored Lord Frey’s daughter.

So they craft a plan to marry of one of the other family nobleman that is riding as high council with the Stark forces.  They contact Lord Frey and they return to the twins for the arranged wedding.  Rob Stark in all his brilliance bringing his new wife with him to flaunt in front of the wicked Lord.  But wait, there’s more at this point…. we have also found out that Rob Stark’s new bride is pregnant with a son to carry on the family name.  They are to name him after his murdered father that this whole thing began around.

What would soon follow is one of the most gut wrenching, horrific, awful, and amazing scenes in television history.  It has infamously become known only as the “Red Wedding”.

got 3


By this time you are so in love with the Starks, and so for them getting their vengeance, and winning the crown of Westeros back from the evil that sits in power.  This scene is absolutely devastating.  In one quick swoop all the hope that you once had for the Starks gets wiped away.  There ends up being enough dead bodies in this wedding that they could have used a tow truck to haul away the piles of carcasses. Frey had a massacre planned the entire time, he lured them in, forgave them publicly, let the ceremony conclude, then ambushed them all in an incredibly gruesome way.  From Rob, to his mother, to his new bride, to all the soldiers, and even Rob’s Direwolf whom you can’t help but love, all end up dead, making the Red Wedding an incredible success for the Freys, as well as the Lannisters.

Game of Thrones has successfully broken my brain in a lot of ways and I can not hear the word “twins” any longer without immediately thinking about the Red Wedding, and crying a little.


Perhaps the oddest couple of actors to ever have been put together in a movie together.  Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered in the cult classic only knows as “Twins”.

        In the future of this blog we will be discussing all things related to Twins, whether it be the movie, the Minnesota Twins, or even conjoined twins.  but for today we will focus on one of the greatest funny feel good movies of all time.

twins 2

These two guys are mismatched in every way, with Arnold somehow playing the sophisticated articulate role, go figure that one.  The antics that ensued  in this classic 80s flick are not only hilarious but just good wholesome fun.  With moments of tenderness, lots of comedy, great feats of strength, and of course a cheap shot at Sylvester Stallone, this movie has it all.  It’s cheesy, but you can’t look away, and you end up falling in love with it and their family….

In my opinion Danny DeVito was always a little underrated, I understand he had some limitations  from his size but boy was he a good talent.  I also find it interesting that these two actors would both go on to be villains in Batman films, Danny as the Penguin, and of course Arnold as Mr. Freeze which may have been the only redeeming character in that particular Batman movie.